Who can Use Proscola? 

The unique structure of the Proscola app can accommodate the pedagogic requirements of any educational institute, from standard schooling to colleges and universities. 

Proscola was developed to simplify the work of all institutions within the educational sector. The focus of the application lies in the work of teachers, as well as in communication and collaboration with students. Administrators, teachers, students and parents benefit from the transparent secure structuring of the data. 



Proscola maintains a daily triggered timeline timetable incorporating location, students, lessons and appointments. Use Proscola to plan individual lessons and teaching materials based on the curricula.  In doing so, Proscola supports you with a document management system in which all files, documents and teaching materials are always available.


So save time!  Create and modify your teaching materials with ease based on existing materials or by creating your own. Maintain records of student discussions, meetings with parents with minimal effort at point of contact and monitor agreements and results.  


Teacher substitution is seamless as the lesson material and structure are pre-planned.


Proscola is your main instrument for everyday school life.


Students can share information, take assignments and enter coaching topics.

With Proscola, lesson content and materials are available online. A lack of documents is therefore a thing of the past. 

Students can use Proscola for communication with their teachers. The dynamic timetable informs students at any time which lessons will be held and at which location.  Proscola enables individual and autonomous learning.

Editing and managing students include all personal data relating to students and parents.

Details include individual strengths, special needs, career goals, intended professions, specific school related privileges and permissions, assignments to study levels or grades and the attachment of student related documentation.

Students are therefore assisted in the planning and evaluation of their learning strengths and weaknesses. Students can be given a specific, individual learning path. In this way both promotional and demanding teaching structures are possible.


Parents communication is transparent and initiated directly from within Proscola when required.

In addition to the direct contact facility, information on absences and disciplinary notes, teaching materials, homework and other learning-relevant information is accessible.

If the teacher provides new materials or exam dates are set, they are immediately visible to you at home.

If your child is ill or needs to catch up on lessons, it is now possible to do it easily from home.



Manage and store all pupil and teacher data in Proscola secured in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation. Proscola assists you in quality assurance in the educational and administrative area. 
 Communication channels are shortened and unburdened. The document management system allows access to your documents at any time and place.

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