What Is Proscola?

The Proscola app is currently one of the most comprehensive and integrative software solutions in the educational sector to date and has global network functionality.

The Proscola software was designed in Switzerland and is based on the experiences of teachers, students, parents and principals. The Proscola app was developed to incorporate the full spectrum of educational institutions and has the advantage of tailoring solutions to customer requirements by triggering parameters. As each institution is unique in their operations, the fundamental standardization of pedagogy is available, yet able to be modified.

The Proscola app is more than a bunch of functions. The greatest benefits are achieved within the application by the intelligent interconnection between data fields. Workflows in everyday school education are linked and seamlessly digitized in a secure robust browser-based application.

The Proscola app enhances the everyday lives of students and teachers - we make global education possible.

It is our intention that access to the software in under-developed countries be supplied free of charge. We intend partnering with our customers in making lessons and digital media available to these under-developed countries.



Proscola supports teachers in their day to day educational work.

Teachers are given the opportunity to pre-prepare class lessons according to educational and curriculum needs. These lessons are stored permanently within the system and can be shared locally and internationally, re-used year on year, modified or deleted. Internationally shared lessons are made available to all teachers within the Proscola Shared Network. The standard document builder helps comply with quality standards and makes additional teaching methods available without extensive effort or special knowledge.

Student coaching is available to sub-areas of the student’s skill levels and facilitates specific student needs and meaningful parental talks. Set priorities and deadlines determine whether agreements are being adhered to. Automatically document the entire student-specific coaching process and indicate what pedagogical measures you have taken or still need to be taken.


Teaching & Learning Management

Proscola - a new, modern, digitized form of education for students and teachers alike.


The system guides the teachers and students through the day in “real time” timetables and lessons and provides controlled documentation and learning materials required for each lesson, in a context-sensitive manner.

Teaching aids can be displayed directly within the Proscola system, media can be played, and documents can be printed out if required.

All lessons can be accessed by students at any time through controlled internet or network access.


Administration and Communication

The security of managed data is our highest priority and is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679

Proscola maintains the administration of all school-relevant data pertaining to teachers, students and parents and incorporates an extensive document management system. 

Grades, absences and disciplinary notes are managed uniformly and can be viewed by authorized persons at any time. 

Proscola maintains a real time internal messaging system between all departments. Team meetings, teacher/pupil communication and teacher to parent communications. Discussion topics can be are set, protocols are drawn up and relevant persons are informed immediately about decisions and plans.

All data can be presented digitally, printed out or exported in report form. 

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