What does Proscola do?

The Proscola app's functionality combines all aspects of the working of educational structures, administrators, teachers, students and parents under a uniform and intuitive interface which complies with all the regulations of the current data protection guidelines. ​(GDPR) (EU) 2016/679

Our application does not overwhelm those who want to keep their way of working but supports teachers with recurring tasks and processes that are time-consuming and less pedagogically oriented and offers the added value that can only be achieved through digitisation.

The application supports students in learning planning, helps in structuring the learning day and provides learning materials and information at the right place at the right time.


... you are a teacher and have a lesson on Tuesday morning in the second period of the day. The students enter the classroom. Your Proscola app has automatically registered which course it being taught. The class list will appear on your tablet or phone and you update the absences within seconds and store them centrally. Your educational materials and preparations will also appear on your screen, including all media, worksheets, videos, graphics, PowerPoint slides, links, or audio files. Students can login and access the same lesson material on their laptops, iPads or phones.



... your school management wants to let you know that there will be a meeting this afternoon. You get the message on your Proscola app and the entry automatically updates your personal timetable. The timetable functions is in the form of a timeline across your screen, which means that all the information about classes and courses, appointments and, of course, your materials are readily available. All information, such as absences, disciplinary system, notification system and other functions are available to you for reference or updating. 



... a student has forgotten or lost the notes? When you create your learning materials, worksheets, schedules, and learning objectives within Proscola, this material is automatically provided to all relevant students and is accessible through a login on the Internet. The student is now able to recover missing or lost material.

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