As a result of many years of experiences and improvements within a dynamic educational system, the Proscola App is an “all-in-one-solution software” with many unique features.

Some Special Features Include:

  • The Proscola App is designed according to the new EU data protection guidelines. (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679

  • All working processes are organically unified.

  • Grades, curricula, students and teaching materials are interlinked so that very detailed statements can be made about student performance.

  • Learning materials can be created and stored directly in the system. This is done in an intuitive and simple way.

  • Embedding of any format of media into teaching materials.

  • All data and documents can be stored context-dependently and are automatically managed in a document management system. These are available to authorised personnel worldwide.

  • Timeline - dynamic guided timetable with data and contextual instruments provided “just in time” - less paper, no more forgotten materials.

  • Offers the functionality of sharing lessons and digital media to under-developed countries.

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