Advantages & Benefits

Proscola’s strength is characterized by the linking and use of the tools, creating a measurable added value in different areas.



  • 50%-time savings for teachers (proven in years of operation).

  • 10%-time savings for headmasters.

  • 40%-time savings for administration departments.

  • No subordinate working processes required regarding grading and absences.

  • Minimises redundancies.

  • Minimises downstream work processes in the case of absences of teachers and learners.

  • Short communication channels.

  • Supports administrative solutions in time and quantity.

  • No unnecessary work processes due to the centralization of documentation.

  • Search and provision of data and information. Most relevant documents can be provided with one click.


Added Value

  • Ensuring learning success by linking grades, teaching materials and curriculum.

  • Support for individual and autonomous learning.

  • Improving and supporting students' learning management and self-competence.

  • Supports the structuring of the daily work of the teachers and students.

  • Pedagogically oriented disciplinary system.

  • Self-managing absences.

  • No more forgetting learning and teaching material.

  • Linkage between lesson preparation and implementation.

  • Improving the information flow and communication of all stakeholders within the system.

  • Creating greater transparency in all processes possible for all involved.

  • Automatic documentation of many work processes.

  • High quality standards through transparency and standardization.

  • Work processes, teaching materials and lesson preparation meet automatically set standards and quality requirements.

  • Recyclability of centrally managed teaching aids and much more…

Influence in the

socio-cultural field

  • Transforming the surroundings of teachers and students to a more modern, future-orientated, effective and satisfying work-place.

  • Education is no longer restricted to a physical building.

  • Dynamic timetable, "timeline", for teachers and students showing “just in time courses”, materials and offering contextual instruments for the daily processes.

  • Gradual and effective promotion of media competences among teachers, learners and their parents.

  • Promotion of the principle of participation and sharing and team-orientated working practices.

  • Exchange of know-how in the spheres of education will be possible on a global scale.


Democratising Education

  • Instant access to less and least developed countries to a school system according to Swiss standards.

  • Access to a constantly growing database of learning materials at no additional cost.

  • Providing quality education globally wherever the internet is accessible.

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