Proscola - a new, modern, digitized form of education for students and teachers alike.

The system guides the teachers and students through the day in “real time” timetables and lesson locations and provides controlled documentation and learning materials required for each lesson, in a context-sensitive manner.

Teaching aids can be displayed directly within the Proscola system, media can be played and documents can be printed out if required.

All lessons can be accessed online by students if desired at any time through controlled internet access. 


Proscola facilitates and improves the administration of schools through a variety of instruments.  

The administration of all school-relevant data pertaining to infrastructure, teachers and students as well as an extensive document management system.  

Grades, absences and disciplinary notes are managed uniformly and can be viewed by authorized persons at any time.  

Proscola manages and accommodates team meetings. Discussion topics are set, protocols are drawn up and relevant persons are informed immediately about decisions and plans.

All data can be presented, printed out or exported in report form.  

The security of managed data is our highest priority. 


Proscola supports teachers in their day to day educational work. 
Teachers are given the opportunity to do class preparation and lessons automatically and according to educational and curriculum needs. These lessons are stored permanently within the system and can be shared locally and internationally, re-used year on year, modified and deleted.

Internationally shared lessons are made available to all teachers within the Proscola Shared Network.

The standard document builder helps comply with quality standards and makes additional teaching methods available without extensive effort or special knowledge. 
Student coaching is available to sub-areas of the student’s skill levels and facilitates specific student needs and meaningful parental talks.

Set priorities and deadlines determine whether agreements are being adhered to.

Automatically document the entire student-specific coaching process and indicate what pedagogical measures you have taken or still need to be taken.



Proscola maintains a daily triggered timeline timetable incorporating location, students, lessons and appointments. Use Proscola to plan individual lessons and teaching materials based on the curricula.  In doing so, Proscola supports you with a document management system in which all files, documents and teaching materials are always available.


So save time!  Create and modify your teaching materials with ease based on existing materials or by creating your own. Maintain records of student discussions, meetings with parents with minimal effort at point of contact and monitor agreements and results.  


Teacher substitution is seamless as the lesson material and structure are pre-planned.


Proscola is your main instrument for everyday school life.


Students can share information, take assignments and enter coaching topics.

 With Proscola, lesson content and materials are available online. A lack of documents is therefore a thing of the past.  


Students can use Proscola for communication with their teachers. The dynamic timetable informs students at any time which lessons will be held and at which location.  Proscola enables individual and autonomous learning. Students are assisted in the planning and evaluation of their learning strengths and weaknesses. Students can be given a specific, individual learning path. In this way both promotional and demanding teaching structures are possible.


As parents you are informed transparently and directly with Proscola when needed. In addition to these benefits including absences and disciplinary notes, you also have access to teaching materials, homework and other learning-relevant information.


If your child is ill or needs to be caught up, it is now possible to do it easily from home.


If the teacher provides new materials or exam dates are set, they are immediately visible to you at home.


Manage and store all student and teacher data in Proscola secured in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation. Proscola assists you in quality assurance in the educational and administrative area. 

Communication channels are shortened and unburdened. The document management system allows access to your documents at any time and place.

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